Our Supreme Cedar-Built 16' x 24' Free-Standing Greenhouse

Located in beautiful sunny Iowa, we proudly present our newest Cedar-Built Design.

 This spectacular greenhouse includes 18" insulated cedar basewalls, 16mm triple walled polycarbonate roof, 6mm double walled polycarbonate sidewalls, cedar roof truss &  dividing wall with double doors in rear portion of structure.
It was upgraded with double Dutch Doors, double Dutch Windows & automatic roof vent openers for the roof vents.
The solid 16' wide Cedar-Built is designed with 3 roof beams for sound structural integrity.  
Eave walls (side walls) are 7' high to accommodate for ceiling height below interior roof truss.  
Roof truss creates clear span within interior of structure.
The first 16' of the greenhouse are clear span. The remaining 8' is partitioned with a 6mm twin walled polycarbonate wall and double door. 
Note the door posts in the rear 8' section.  A greenhouse with two gardening rooms!  
Installing rafters into slots in beams.
All parts are precision precut and clearly indentified. Structure is temporarily braced during assembly.
Cedar-Built provides all plans for your foundation.  Concrete slab foundation was chosen for this greenhouse
Four louvered basewall vents were provided with this greenhouse kit for optimum ventilation.  
Note the detailed craftmanship of our beautiful high quality greenhouses.
We take great pride in our product.
Unsurpassed sturdy construction  and superior materials creates the sturdiest, most beautiful greenhouse kit available today.
Nothing can compare!

"Thank you for a wonderful greenhouse, I'm ansy to get inside and get my hands in dirt. 
I've got my seeds all bought just waiting for the fellas to get done.  Thanks again."


Almost complete, the double Dutch Windows will be installed on the end gable wall.
Our Cedar greenhouses blend in well with natural settings.  
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