Custom 12' x 30'
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12' x22' 
with 2 sets of Double Dutch Doors (one at each end),
Clear acrylic plexiglass sidewall glazing & automatic  roof vents.
Interior of 12' x 24' Custom with Cedar Roof Truss system
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12' x14' 
Single Dutch Doors
12' x18' - Click on photo for more images

12' x 20'  
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"Again thank you again for a beautiful greenhouse.  Very impressive.    It has been quite an an enjoyable experience 
 We are so excited to start growing some plants.  
My husband has also decided this might be quite the place to spend winter days working on small projects!"

12' x 22' Deluxe    Delila..ID.  
Cedar-Built 12' Freestanding Deluxe Kit
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12' x 18'
Alcatraz Greenhouse: Click on photo for more
12' x18'
Standard Glass to Ground Door
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12' x 26'
Texas Freestanding Greenhouse - Click on photo for more
12' x 16'  Freestanding Greenhouse
12' x 22'
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12' x16'- Click on photo for more images
12' x 22'  (more photos to be published soon)
Beautiful on the inside too!
Our unique post & beam construction results in extremely sturdy greenhouses able to support hanging baskets, professional lighting, fans, heating & irrigation systems.  Pictured above is our 12'x22'.