Day 2 (Oct 9, 2003)

Today we had some things not directly related to building the greenhouse to do, like
removing the rail from our deck and trying to revamp a set of stairs that we had that we would like to use where the plank is in the picture."

"This picture is the exterior shot at the end of the day. Roof glazing on!"

"A different angle. I'll send you more tomorrow - hopefully the doors and the rest of the glazing will be up. Then we have to get our electrician to come and wire the inside so that we can get the interior basewall finishing on."
This picture in the interior as of today. Yesterday before starting they
added a pressure treated 4 x 4 "frame" onto the deck (noted below), and built the greenhouse on top of that. The well created by this frame will hold small marble chips, white, for maximum sun reflection.

Insulated deck which greenhouse was assembled on.
This Lean-To was ordered with a Dutch Door on each end.
12' x 12' Cedar-Built Lean-To