Amazing Anchorage  Aeroponic Greenhouse

One of the tallest greenhouse kits we've designed.  This 12'x22' is built with 9'-6"  sides (increased 3'-6" in height) with overall ridge beam height of 12'-10".   The height was requested to accomodate for several aeroponic towers
Constructed with high insulation value 16mm triple walled polycarbonate roof & sides, one Dutch Door on each gable end, insulated basewalls with t/g cedar siding & automatic roof vent openers.
Located in Anchorage with panoramic ocean views.
This is beyond the wow factor.
Crops harvested in mid May.
Only weeks later.
Thanks Chris, for kindly sharing this most impressive project.  Looking forward to updating your web page frequently. 

Great place for a break!   Walls are insulated with 3" high density styrofoam board insulation and trimmed with t/g cedar siding and trim.