Dutch Door open, clear plexi-side walls on deck gable end.
Click on photo for full view.
Twin walled polycarbonate on opposite wall for insulating purposes.
View from stairs above.  Alexandra will be placing a white marble floor (for maximum light reflection)
Alexandra writes:
"The exterior is finished!
The plexiglass walls are so clear that it looks like there is nothing there! The doors look great! (love the hardware).

Now that it is all enclosed the aroma of cedar is stronger than ever.  Lovely!

We now wait for the electrician, then finishing the interior of the basewalls, and then we will have some serious fun!  I'll send some pictures at a later date when the greenhouse is really up and running.

I feel really lucky to have chanced upon your website when I was looking
for the right greenhouse. It is a dream come true, in more ways than one!"
Alexandra ordered a combination of twin walled polycarbonate and clear plexi windows. She wanted utilize the insulating values of  twin walled polycarbonate as much as possible, without comprosing her beautiful ocean view.  She ordered 2 Dutch doors so that she will have access to both her deck and her yard.

Alexandra....THANK YOU!  What a breath taking spot for your beautiful Cedar-built.  We look forward to your finished pictures!
DAY 3 (OCT 10, 03)
12' x 12' Cedar-Built Deluxe Lean-To
"During the winter I have a HID light that  goes back and forth on a track. I had it on an for five hours after it  got dark each night during daylight savings time. We had carrots,  lettuce, pole beans, bush beans, basil, and a tomato plant."
Alexandra writes:
"We have been enjoying the vegetables of our labors for two winters now.  The picture above was taken around Christmas time, when the scarlet runner beans were flowering. There is nothing like fresh beans in December!
The other picture is of the greenhouse buried under snow. 
Our winter guests that come over for coffee prefer to sit in the greenhouse rather than in the living room!"

As seen above, Cedar-Built Greenhouses are designed for heavy snow loads.   
Two winters later:
(April 2005)
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