In March/April,I planted veggy & flowers seeds. I transplanted some of the seeds to my veggy and flower garden & kept some in the GH to continue growing.

My GH certainly has extended my growing season in NH.

Working in my GH is no work at all. It is a pleasure. It is so pretty inside and out. It is both therapeutic as well as a wonderful-looking addition to my backyard. 

The snow during the winter didn't cause any problems at all. This GH is so well constructed and sturdy and of the highest quality.  


Sheila Wickey 

"My 8X12 GH has a full bench on one side and an 8' bench on the other as well as an aisle bench to form a nice U-shape.

"I have MK7 solar powered roof vents and the upgraded Dutch door. I have the clear plexi-glass sidewalls which I love." 
 "I wanted a beautiful & functional GH that was also practical for my family. 

I have two boys that like to use the backyard to play sports & I didn't want a GH that they had to fear damaging from a stray ball, etc.
We have had many wiffle balls & baseballs hit my GH and it was never damaged!"
"I spent a great deal of time researching, before I decided to purchase a Cedar-Built and I know I made the right choice." 
"I have a tomato plant that I had started from seed that reached the ceiling of my GH."
"For Halloween, I put up some silhouettes of a mummy, witch, skeleton, etc on the glazing and put a strobe light inside,
 it made a wonderful decoration for Trick-or-Treat night!"
Trick or Treat!:
Sheila's New Hampshire 8'x12' Free-Standing Greenhouse
 I kept a 4' space open and put in a combination wooden cabinet/sink."
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