"We are having fresh tomatoes out of the greenhouse and they are WONDERFUL...Jim thinks that all of his efforts are now paying off. ...I am experimenting...tomato plants in pots vs tomato plants in the soil bench...so far the soil bench is winning...hands down!!! "(June 09, 07)
Keep in touch!..Jan

As you can see in the pictures...The seeds are up and the bulbs are flourishing.  
I have grown my very own bedding plants this year and I think that they look mighty fine!!

" I didn't miss going to purchase my plants in all the big crowds, them not having the varieties that I wanted...and my color selection 
was perfect. I will send more pictures when my beds get grown in well."  

Jan's 12' x 18' Deluxe Greenhouse   

I have more vegetable seeds on there way to plant.  I have small tomatoes and squash already...not large enough to eat, but they are well on their way.  As you can see from the pictures the lettuce and green onions have been harvested...They are wonderful in flavor and availability...prepared and in the refrigerator.  It is amazing how much can be grown in a 28" by 30" space!! (May 02, 07)
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