GO GREEN 8x12 Cedar-Built In New York 
Located in Pleasantville, NY we thank Jeff Saltzman for sharing his GO GREEN greenhouse photos with us.

Ordered with  16mm Triple Walled Polycarbonate glazing (roof and walls),  Dutch Door, MK 7 Automatic Roof Vent Openers, cedar greenhouse benches and insulation package, Jeff's greenhouse easily handled last years chilly New York temperatures

Last winter Jeff said, "I put in an electric heater at the far end from the door and it maintains air temperature well.  This morning was 15 F and I went out to the greenhouse to water, it was a cozy 73.  I got my first electric bill since turning on the heat and did not notice anything dramatically different."

This greenhouse was stained with Sikkens light oak stain which brings out Western Red Cedar' warm brown tones.  What a great job throughout!  This is a true Cedar-Built Beauty.

Jeff's greenhouse braving the Feb. 2003 New York blizzard!

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