Cedar-Built Attached  Lean-To Kits
Extend your indoor living space, beautify your home.  Walk into your garden without ever going outside!  

Cedar-Built Lean-To styles can be assembled as deck enclosures, patio rooms or garden rooms.  Designed with the ledger beam attached on the 4x4 posts (included), they support their own weight, merely butting up and attaching to your existing structure.

Constructed with 4x4 timber frame design our do-it-yourself kits are substantial.  Three ply 2x10 Ledger Beam results in a structure which will stand up to the severest weather.  This is the sturdiest, most economical cedar Lean-To on the market today! 

Resistant to decay and insects, Western Red Cedar is world renowned & much sought after for its beauty and aroma. We use only the highest grades of clear,Canadian knot free cedar.

Included in our Lean-To kits:

-Double/ triple roof vents (easily automated)
- hand crafted louvered cedar basewall  vents-necessary for ventilation
-6' high eave walls (sidewalls)
-Cedar-Built custom door (Dutch Door available)
-6mm triple walled  polycarbonate roof and sidewalls
-clear acrylic plexiglass window option available
-30" cedar tongue and groove cedar basewall with tapered window sill
-all hardware & easy to follow instructions
-pre-fabrication of all parts

(highest point where Lean-To attaches to your building with 6' high sidewalls )

  6' style7'-0",  7'-2" or  7'-6" (standard) or 9' (custom higher roof pitch)
  8' style8-1" (standard)
10' style8'-6" (standard) 
12' style9'-1" (standard)

We can customize by:
-giving you the choice of which gable end you would like the door (you can have a door at each end)
-changing wall heights to accomodate height restrictions on your existing structure.

   10 x 20 Cedar-Built Lean-To
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"Got the greenhouse up and it looks super. We are really pleased. Everyone whose seen it is a potential customer!"
8' x 16' Lean-To  (T. Brown, Casper WY)

Corner Design (any size)
- fits in existing corner area
- requires one gable (end) wall only

 12' x12' Cedar-Built Lean-To
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"Thanks, Jane.  This has been a huge pleasure from beginning to end. 
The greenhouse is beautiful.  All three of my sons and especially the
engineer/contractor were very impressed with the design, quality and
precision of the kit.  They are very skilled in their own right and a
tough bunch to please - you succeeded brilliantly'
10' x 28' Lean-To
Peoria, IL 
Custom 8'x10' with increased height
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Beautiful 10' x 16' with 18" cedar basewalls and clear plexiglass sidewalls.
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"GO-GREEN" style
A most energy-efficient greenhouse kit.
Available in any style or size.
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Beautiful 10' x 20' with 18" & 30"cedar basewalls & glass to ground.
Infill panels under house eave, raised sidewalls with parallam beam to eliminate interior support posts
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"Jane and Noel:
A picture of our finished 8x12 lean-to green house.  We just couldn't be happier. Thanks for working with us to customize it to fit on to our garden shed.

This is our second one from your company as we had a free standing one at our last home.  It just wouldn't be home without one of your greenhouses!

Joey and Tim 
Harrisburg, PA"
8x10 Lean-To   Missouri

"Your greenhouse is fantasitc, materials & design are great.  The assembly plans were complete & easy to follow.
Thank you.  We are very satisfied with your greenhouse and customer service.
Bob Cartwright

(Pictured above with lovely garden shed.  What a match!!)
8' x 12' Lean to 
customized higher sides & combination 18" & 30" cedar basewalls
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