The view from the door with sink installed on the opposite end.  (Note the Pennsyvania stone in the floor).  Phyllis ordered 16' and 8' double benches in order to give her 8' of floor space against one wall.  
Inside the greenhouse looking towards the Dutch Door.

This spacious  8x16 Deluxe Greenhouse is located in Seymour Texas.

Phyllis ordered the Dutch Door, twin-walled poly, double benches, and solar roof vent openers.

Phyllis' husband installed a sink and  rods for hanging baskets, as well as power and lights.

She says, " We do love it!  It is very nice!  You  sell a nice product! 
  I love my greenhouse and my husband for putting it all together for me.  It is such a relaxing hobby and the greenhouse is truly lovely".  
Thank You Again,
Note the beautiful clear (no knots) Western Red Cedar 4x4 posts located both centrally and at the corners and door and window frames.  This professional design makes our structures the sturdiest most substantial greenhouses available today.  Beams at center span are both useful and attractive as well as necessary on buildings  over 12 ft in length for structural support..
8' x 16' Deluxe Freestanding Greenhouse
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