Special thanks to Barb and Ernie Silva of Rimrock Az. for sharing their assembly photos of the

Beautiful Deluxe 10x18 Cedar-Built Free-Standing Greenhouse
A concrete perimeter foundation was prepared.  Interlocking bricks are used for the greenhouse floor.  See our foundations page for a variety of different types of foundations used with our kits.
Assembling the pre-fabricated Western Red Cedar 30" basewalls and  pre-cut corner posts.  All cedar is milled and precision cut by our highly skilled & qualified wood-workers.
4x4 clear,knot-free highest grade Western Red Cedar corner posts & mid posts attached to 30" cedar basewalls.  Our cedar basewalls add insulative qualities & beauty to our kit.  Store gardening articles under benches and out-of sight from exterior!
Rafters are screwed into beam and side member slots.  Many components in our kits are slotted which allows for easy, error-free assembly. The slotted 3-ply 2x10 ridge beam with 4x4 corner and mid posts creates a timber frame back-bone which will stand up to the severest wind, rain, and snow loads. 
Rear view showing louvered cedar basewall vent.  This vent allows for cooler air intake while hot air escapes through double roof vents.  Note the sturdy timber frame design.  Outside ridge beam height is 8'8"high.
Easy to install, the glazing panels are professionally precision cut. Labeled clearly, they easily snap into place.
 (Our glazing is protected in this blue peel-off film for shipping purposes). 
Front view showing twin walled polycarbonate glazing panels installed.

Spacious interior view.  4x4 mid-posts are included in all structures over 12 feet in length for additional structural integrity.
Installing Western Red Cedar benches.  Our benches sit flush with the cedar basewalls and blend into the 4x4 mid-posts to lend smooth lined design details.
Storage of gardening articles is neat and tidy beneath benches.
Installing the Cedar-Built Dutch Door.  This popular item allows for maximum ventilation.  These custom doors match our design perfectly.
Installing Mk 7 solar powered automatic roof vent openers.  These openers are set to allow the roof vents to open automatically when a pre-set heat is reached inside of the greenhouse.  Note the sturdy mid post system designed for extreme wind and snow loads.
Ernie tells us that Barb is like a kid with a new toy!

Finishing touches.
To see final photos click here.