12' x 22' Free-Standing kit  
Louvered cedar humidity vents (above Dutch doors & in basewalls)
Double or triple roof vents
or spa/greenhouse combinations
10' x 16' Attached Cedar-Built kit
Cedar-Built Greenhouses are pleased to offer their high quality sturdy kits as spa and pool enclosures.
Unique to the market, we our easy to assemble kits are designed with post and beam/timber frame construction.
Please view our web pages for information and prices.  When requesting a quote please specify that you will be using our structure as a spa enclosure as we will add additional cedar vents to your enclosure design.
We offer the sturdiest most beautiful line of cedar kits available on the market today.

Clear or color tinted plexi-glass and twin walled polycarbonate glazing materials available.

"We really love the layout!  We've been swimming in it just about every day even when it was around 40 degrees out.  The Cedar Built has been holding about 58+ without any problems.  
WE LOVE our Cedar-Built!"

12' x 22' Free-Standing
 Neil from Delaware

UPDATE-   “We sent this photo around 15 years ago. Overall the Cedar Built "Pool house" is doing great and we love it!”  Neil- 2018

Unique to Cedar-Built:

-twin walled polycarbonate glazing roof panels.- lightweight, easy-to install, insulative,   
-Double roof vents- unique to any enclosure design
-Cedar louvered vents in basewalls and above doors on gable ends
-Dutch doors and windows
-insulated cedar basewall and interior finishing
Custom timber cedar roof truss compliment the structural intregrity of this building, eliminating the interior support posts.
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8' x 12' Free-Standing kit
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"My wife and I are sooooo happy with it, even with a cold wind outside,  with the louvered vents open, no problem with humidity with the spa going full out."

14' x 22' Free-standing
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10x12 Greenhouse with 10x10 porch enclosure for wood burning cedar hot tub.
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