Looking for a beautiful easy to assemble handcrafted greenhouse kit?

Own a beautiful Canadian-Made Cedar-Built.
A great variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

We deliver highest end Western Red Cedar greenhouse kits throughout  the USA & Canada.

Our unique 4x4 post & beam design results in the sturdiest greenhouse kits available on the market.    We use only beautiful highest grade Canadian Coastal Western Red Cedar.  

Containing natural oils resistant to insects & decay, cedar has excellent absorption qualities, ideal for humid environments.  Cedar has the highest insulation value of all woods, much higher than metal, keeping your greenhouse warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  

Cedar is used standard in greenhouses, saunas, fencing, decks & roofing materials.

Special features include:

Quality control:   All components are hand-crafted by skilled Canadian craftsmen.  Attention to detail result in superb quality.

6' High sidewalls:   offers room height, increased light & increased air volume for healthy plant growth & room to double up shelves!

18" or  30" cedar basewalls: (easily insulated) make heating inexpensive, add charm, & allow for neatness with storage of gardening articles under benches & out of sight from the exterior.  This basewall provides  protection from lawn mowers and rocks.

Double roof vents:  
Architecturally designed double roof vents for superb passive ventilation. Guaranteed sturdy & leak-proof.  Easily automated.

Louvered basewalls vents:  unique cedar basewall vents necessary for optimum air intake and plant health.

Hand crafted Cedar-Built Doors:
Cedar-Built manufactured Western Red cedar doors  match our greenhouse's wood quality and design details -very popular Dutch Doors available.

Cedar Timber Frame design:  Post and beam construction (as in log home design) with 3-ply sturdy 2x10 & 2x6 beams with solid 4x4 posts make this design structurally superior in today's greenhouse market.


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Abbotsford, BC ,Canada  V2T 6H4

Additional offices - Nanaimo, BC 


 "My greenhouse is up and going and I just love it. 
 It is without a doubt the best purchase I have ever made.  Closing the door and leaving it is quite difficult!  So thank you for putting this on the market for others to share."  L. Walmoth, Indiana

"The real thing is a lot better than any of the pictures.  The fit & finish, engineering, & quality of wood go together to make a fantastic project.  
As an anesthesiologist, I am real impressed when attention to detail is not compromised.  Your greenhouse was not only fun to build, but so well done, that it makes us hobby builders look professional!"  G. Marino
"The kit has come together beautifully, it's become quite the tourist attraction. I guess people are amazed that a 73 & a 44 year old woman can put this kit together & make it actually a functional greenhouse-
the drive by's have been too many to count.!"
10' x 14' Free-Standing... 
-Dawn (MO)  

"My greenhouse is up (yea!!).  I love it.  It's so beautiful & smells SO good!! 
My husband & father put the whole thing together in a day & were extremely 
impressed with the quality & precision of everything in the kit.
Thank you again for everything!! It's AWESOME!"
-L. Parker
 "We were very impressed with the kit.  Obviously a lot of thought
& planning (& "idiot-proofing")  has gone into the product.  
The cuts were good, the fit is tight.  
I also am happy with the glazing:  light-weight and easy to install. 
  Also thanks for answering all my "Nervous Nellie" questions up-front"  
-M. Fields
cedar hobby greenhouse kit
8' x 10'

cedar greenhouse kit, hobby greenhouse

greenhouse, greenhouse kit, hobby greenhouse
10' x 16'

Located in beautiful British Columbia, Cedar-Built Greenhouses has direct access to the highest grade Canadian Western Red Cedar.  We are two hours north of Seattle. 

Shipping is easy.  We take care of all of the paperwork.  Our greenhouses are duty free and we do not charge state tax.  Contact us for a price quote.
Information for our American Clients
10' x 20'
10'x 16'

  12' x 22'  
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              16' x 30'  
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Grow your own organic vegetables.  We supply beautiful sturdy soil benches for indoor gardening year round.
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  "Your product surpassed our expectations and it was actually a pleasure to construct. Detlef was surprised by the precision. Detlef and I did the entire project ourselves. Thank you for a fabulous product!  I only wish we had built it years ago!" Edmonton, Canada
"Neighbors & travelers stop and stare at my beautiful greenhouse as the sunsets each night and the lighting comes on...
I couldn't be happier! Thank you."   Darcy..... Camino, CA
"This is our second one from your company as we had one at our last home.  It just wouldn't be home without one of your greenhouses!"  Joey & Tim-  (Harrisburg, PA)
Beautiful sunroom-spa enclosures.
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Our  most popular 8x12 Freestanding greenhouse has a new look!  Designed with a beautiful 2' porch extension- a combination of 18" and 30" basewalls- a triple roof vent and opening double back windows.  

New design available in any freestanding size.
Click on photos to see why we designed it in this way!

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