Custom 10'x20'  Cedar-Built Sunroom
Located in Edmonton,Canada  featuring  double eave wall doors, (doors in the front) a single end door, 
an engineered microlam beam (to eliminate interior support posts)
 and a combination of glass to ground, 18" and 30" insulated cedar basewalls.
Sidewalls were raised 18" to accommodate for front double doors.
Two in-fill 24" panels were constructed under the house eave  which allows for a 12'x20' rather than 10'x20' room

A beautiful garden room addition.
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18" basewalls on front with double doors.  Eave walls are customized to 7'-6" for door header and door framing.  
Eave wall basewall vents included for additional ventilation.
Glass to ground on right gable end.  24" infill plexiglass panels beneath house eave allows for additional living space inside sunroom.
Custom 20' long parallam beam elimates interior support posts.
"Finally a few pictures of our sunroom.  We love it! And so does everyone else. We use it almost everyday from about March through October.  It is exactly what we wanted. It was a fifth of the price of a 4 seasons sunroom and looks sooo much better than their vinyl one that we were looking at. It feels like we are outside, but without the rain and bugs!  The ventilation is excellent. We installed the retractible screens from Alpine screens on the Island.  They are fabulous. 

 We have a quartz heater for chilly evenings and mornings, but rarely use it.
Though we don't really use it as a greenhouse it is a welcoming spot for our plants in spring and fall when there is a chance of frost.

 We were pretty uptight about this project. I think partially because we had never ordered anything via the internet.  Unfortunately, experience has often taught us that quality is really tough to come by.  Your product surpassed our expectations and it was actually a pleasure to construct. Detlef was surprised by the precision. Detlef and I did the entire project ourselves except for putting up the beam.  Detlef constructed a "step" system and he and 3 other guys "lifted" the beam up.
Thank you for a fabulous product!  I only wish we had built it years ago!

Best wishes for a successful year!"

Helen and Detlef
Standard Cedar-Built door on one gable end with opening Dutch Window on opposite end.