8x10 Glass-To-Ground / Cedar Basewall Combo
Located in Danville, Va this customized Cedar-Built Glass-To Ground/Cedar Basewall Greenhouse is used year-round for both flowers and vegetables.

Elaine ordered an insulated cedar basewall on the 10' north side of her greenhouse.  She also requested a customized cedar vented Dutch Door.  She set her greenhouse on a concrete deck and decorated the foundation sill and interior floor with decorative white stone.

Elaine's beautiful calico cat has found the perfect warm spot for sun-bathing.
Perhaps she has laid claim to Elaine's new greenhouse!

Note the cedar slats on our benches can be removed to enable storage or growth of larger plants.  
Our Glass-To-Ground design utilizes a cedar-louvered vent in the rear of the greenhouse for good air circulation.  This is very important for healthy plant growth.

This classic Cedar-Built Greenhouse is a fine addition to a very lovely neighborhood.
Elaine hired a carpenter to assemble her kit for her.  She tells us,  " The carpenter was very complementary of the design and construction, and the neighbors love the greenhouse, as do I!

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