"Right now I've just been using a little space heater, which is working really well, but I'm sure I'll upgrade.  My tomatoes are going gangbuster. I left town for a week, and with all of the light here this time of year, they actually grew TWO FEET in one week."

"It was dug down about three feet, there was pile driving (lots of frost heaving here), and they backfilled with gravel.  Because our yard is sloping, there is a change in elevation between the south and north sides of the greenhouse.

 We extended the decking around the south side, so I can roll pots in and out if desired. I had them put a ramp on the north side, so I can dolly things in from the back.side)."
With 7' high eaves, this GO GREEN STYLE greenhouse is12" taller than our standard design, allowing for plenty of height for indoor gardening.
Due to the deep soil benches the lower cedar vents are located in the Dutch Door and along the eaves. A 12" skylight was designed above the Dutch Door.
A combination of single shelf benches and 30" & 18" soil benches.
Foundation pics.  Great ideas for a sloped site.