Assembly Photos of 8'x12' Cedarbuilt Freestanding
Noel and Jim (of Cedar-Built) assembled this beautiful 8x12 greenhouse kit in one day on a prepared foundation here on the West Coast of BC..

Redwood tinted stain was applied prior to assembly.  This greenhouse blends perfectly into it's surroundings with the redwood tinted cedar fence.

It was ordered with twin walled polycarbonate glazing, Dutch Door, greenhouse benches and solar roof vent openers

Special thanks to Judy M. who helped us with the photos. She arranged this lovely greenhouse for her mom who has been gardening for over 75 years.

Pre-fab basewalls are screwed down to timber foundation.
Corner & mid posts installed, then lintel beams are added.
The ridge beam is attached to the 2 lintels.  Ridge beam is slotted to accept the rafters.
Window sills are slotted for mullions (vertical framing members).
Rafters slide easily into beam and side-rail slots.  No guess work with the Cedar-Built design!!
Installing double roof vents.
Dutch Door is installed next.  A perfect fit and match!
Great results for one Saturday's effort!

Front and rear view.  Note the sturdy clear 4x4 corner posts and gable rafters as well as the larger rear window. 
 This window can be framed and hinged to open.  The cedar basewall vents are important for 
air intake ventilation.
Ridge beam on Lintel Post, and 4x4 Gable Rafters drop       into place, easily.  Everything fits!

Double roof vents are uniquely designed to allow moisture to escape through the bottom of the cedar frame onto the lower roof -preventing water and snow buildup.
They are guaranteed leak proof !
Lightweight, handcrafted, and a slim design that fits neatly over the rafters. 
Roof vents are imperative for a greenhouse to function properly.
Clear Western Red Cedar 4x4 corner posts and slotted 2x6 window sills (sloped and shaped to allow water run-off).
Our glazing is easily installed and precision precut.
Note the geometrically appealing roof design.
Mrs. Clark loves her new Cedar-Built.  
She says it is very spacious and she is looking forward to growing her fine hot-house tomatoes.
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