Robert writes...."The Cedar Built is one of the delights of my life. 
Gayle, my wife,  who may have been a teeny bit skeptical when I ordered it,
 and I are in our green house EVERY morning!"
"The foundation with plumbing and electrical stubbed in was ready well  before arrival."
(Cedar-Built will provide you with the foundation plans upon order)
Delivery day!

"Some observers noted that even your crates are high quality."
(This 12x14 with accessories arrived in seven sturdy plywood crates... pre-fab and ready to assemble!)

"Ready and eager to get started. Thanks to a son-in-law, Dave, I didn't have to tackle it alone".

Completed. Robert ordered our matching cedar planters as well.  Simply beautiful!

Robert ordered doors on each gable end, allowing him access through the greenhouse into his back yard.
The greenhouse blends in well with his fence design.
Interior double benches.  Robert requested a open area for utility sink placement.
Upper bench shelf is level with window sill. 
6' high sidewalls give plenty of room for smaller shelves above benches (as shown on photo above).
Update: January 2007
Beautiful 12' x 14' Free-Standing in Abilene,Texas
Dear Jane,

Thought you might like to see what's happening in our Cedar Built. It's January and like a lot of the rest of the country we've had some unseasonably warm weather, but we've also had some sub 20 degree days.

 One of our first and worst spells could have been really bad. I failed to latch my north door shut that evening. During the night a strong north storm rolled in with sleet and freezing rain.  The next morning at 17 degrees outside with sleet an inch deep extending nearly two feet inside the greenhouse, the little heater was working like crazy but it was still 40 degrees inside! Nothing lost!

Beautiful photos of Robert & Gayle's winter oasis!
Thanks so much for sharing.
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