Very sturdy 2x4/ 4x4 cedar frame.  The cedar shelves are slatted to allow both debris to rinse through and air to circulate around your plants.  
Store your gardening articles beneath the benches. 

U-shaped or L-shaped benches are popular. (8x10 kit is pictured).
Hanging baskets can be hung in any part of our sturdy roof framing.
 Our very beautiful Western Red Cedar benches are resistant to decay and insects.  
They are designed to sit flush with the 30"cedar basewalls creating a smooth, finished look.

We manufacture beautiful sturdy Western Red Cedar greenhouse benches.
We can design benches to any length or style.  

Single or double shelves, L shaped, U shaped and soil benches.  Many variations available.  Tell us what you are looking for.   The 8' wide greenhouse kits utilize 26" wide benches.  Kits 10' and wider utilize 38" wide benches
Our six foot high sidewalls create a spacious interior.  Pictured above is a 10' x 14' Free-Standing kit.  Click on photo above for more images

".I am experimenting...tomato plants in pots vs tomato plants in the soil far the soil bench is winning...hands down!!!"  Jan... Alabama"

Very Popular Soil Benches:
12' wide Free-Standing with combination benches
Western Red Cedar Greenhouse Benches
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12' x 26' kit with U-shaped design and open area for taller plants, chairs and table at front.
U shaped cedar benches in our 8' x 10' Free Standing greenhouse kit.

Some clients prefer double shelved benches.  Slats are removable if you wish to store larger plants during the winter months.
Double benches with 4' open area at front for utility sink and watering hose.  Sturdy 4x4 bench posts included.
Click on photo for more images.
 Many clients have indoor gardens for growing vegetables.   
Our 30" sturdy Western Red Cedar soil benches are constructed of 2x4 & 4x4 framing, cedar tongue & groove sidewalls.
 We offer either 18" or 30" deep soil benches.
18" deep soil benches.
Very sturdy design with bracing allow for weight of heavy soil.
10' x 16'  Freestanding greenhouse with deep soil benches
Click on picture for more photos of Jan's benches
Pictured is a popular combination of single shelf and 18" deep soil benches.  This is a 10'x 14' Freestanding unit.
18" deep x 36" wide soil benches  and single self 36" wide benches on glass to ground side- with plants beneath.

NEW!  12" Deep soil benches.  
Can be built as a portable planter box to set on your single shelf bench or as 12" deep soil benches as described above with optional storage shelf beneath.  Great for salad greens!
(personal signs available)