Dutch Doors & Windows Upgrades

Included in your kit are our beautiful handcrafted Western Red Cedar full view doors. Dutch door & back Dutch window upgrades are available.   Built with bottom 30" knee wall and opening top window for great ventilation, these doors add function and charm.

(Many of our competitors buy lumber yard "pre made"  Fir or metal doors. Unlike Fir, Cedar does not decay or warp in the humid environment of greenhouses.)

Dutch Doors are doors which are split, allowing you to leave the top window open & the bottom closed.  This keeps unwanted guests out of your greenhouse while allowing for optimum ventilation.  Ventilation is a very important factor in your greenhouse for healthy plant growth.
Cedar-Built Dutch Door
Large sturdy upper window promotes excellent ventilation!
Vented Dutch Door
Dutch Windows
Double Dutch Doors
Double 36" Dutch Windows on 10' wide greenhouse
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$295.00 Single
$595.00 60" Double Windows
(when ordered with Double Dutch Doors)

Our included Glass to Ground door 
constructed of clear 2x6 Western Red Cedar
Double glass to ground door upgrade  on 10' wide greenhouse
Double  36" Dutch Windows
 17" clearance
Standard Glass to Ground Doors (one included)
If you do not want the top opening window we can provide the same style- as a one piece Dutch Door
Vented double Dutch Doors on a 10x14 unit.