How long will assembly take?  Is hiring a carpenter required?
We provide step-by-step assembly instructions drawn up specifically for each order.  Prefab parts screw together with included hardware.  A standard backyard 10x12 size kit can be assembled over a weekend.  Assembly time will vary according to size.
No cutting on your end is required.   Our kits are made for homeowners.
What type of foundation should I prepare?   Please click on this link to view the foundations page.

Can I provide my own masonry/stone basewalls ?  Yes, some clients prefer to provide their own basewalls.   We will dimensions required
How is my greenhouse shipped?  
Your greenhouse is packed in sturdy plywood crates.  It is insured during shipment & delivery. Freight companies offer "curbside" delivery, however, commonly will back into your driveway. Delivery is not to your building site.  The crates are on pallets which can be moved with a dolly- or you can disassemble the crates and move the parts manually.

Remote locations or those with long windy driveways, gravel roads, narrow roads, no access to turn around etc. may be declined delivery by local freight companies.  You may have to arrange to pick your shipment up at the service depot in these cases.  Let us know if this is your situation.
You will be called to set up a delivery date.  Assistance is required in unloading the crates as freight companies have one driver.  You should have a few able bodied persons there to assist 
We take care of all customs paperwork and get your shipment precleared prior to shipping.
Why are your custom built doors an important part of your greenhouses?
We manufacture our custom designed Western Red Cedar doors.. They are composed of the same Select cedar that we choose for our greenhouses.
Many of our competitors buy lumber yard "premade"  Fir doors. Unlike Fir, Cedar does not decay or warp in the humid environment of greenhouses.  As well, our doors are a perfect match to our greenhouse designs.  Doors are a very important part of your greenhouse.

What is the advantage of a Dutch Door?
Dutch Doors are doors which are split, allowing you to leave the top half open and the bottom half closed.  This keeps unwanted guests out of your greenhouse while allowing for optimum ventilation.  Ventilation is a very important factor in your greenhouse for healthy plant growth. See our Dutch Door page

What is a common size for a backyard hobby greenhouse?
This is dependant on yard space available and your budget.  8' x10' and 8'x12', 10' x 14, 10' x16' and 10' x20', 12' x 14',  12' x 16' and 12' x 20' 
 Free-Standing kits are very popular sizes.   

Lean-to  kit sizes vary because the kit attaches to homes and garages. 

How do your cedar greenhouses fair on cold winter days?  Will I be able to use my greenhouse then?
"Greetings from St. Charles, IL, where it is currently a balmy +2F. We have two small ceramic heaters going (thermostats set at 50F), and the inside temps have not dropped below 43F even when the outside temp was -23F yesterday morning. All through the wind, snow and dangerously cold weather, it maintains heat. When the sun is out, we’ve regularly reached 60-65 degrees these past few days of below zero temperatures. Yes, we were colder than Mars, but my geraniums, herbs and flowers are doing ok!"   Heidi

What if I receive a damaged or missing piece?
Cedar-Built Greenhouses  guarantees that if you have any problems with broken or missing pieces we will ship out a replacement part.  We have all parts in stock because we are the manufacturer.  Our sturdy plywood crating ensures a 99% damage free shipments.
What are the advantages of Twin Walled Polycarbonate over standard glass or single layered glazings?
Twin walled polycarbonate is the standard glazing supplied with our kits.. Guaranteed unbreakable, highly insulative, UV resistant, lightweight,  and 300 x stronger than glass.   Channels between the double walls trap air to reduce the risk of leaf burn, and eliminate condensation build-up, (dripping from overhead).  Our twin wall polycarbonate is precision precut to our specs by our supplier.  
Upgrades to triple walled 16mm polycarbonate available. 

If you prefer clear, see-through sidewalls we offer UV resistant, unbreakable, rigid 3mm clear plexiglass. Plexi-glass is used in many outdoor applications (including airplane windshields and baseball stadiums!) 
Clear 3mm plexi-glass has a life time warranty against any yellowing, breakage or any of mother nature's elements. This glazing is very popular for those who prefer clear viewing both in and out of their greenhouse walls. 

Can't decide?
Mix and match!  We can mix the panels as per your request.  Some folks prefer plexiglass on one or more walls facing their home or view.  Tell us what you want.  We can work with you.

​Will I require a building permit?  You should check with your local building department if you choose to get a permit. Often structures under 120 sq ft are free of this requirement.   Should you require a permit, we can assist you with providing building permit drawings. (foundation, elevations and roof framing plans) Normally this would be what is required.   There are variances between counties, states and possibly people within the department.  It's up to you to decide whether one is required.
In some situations stamped drawings by a state licensed engineer may be requested. You can provide your engineer with our permit drawings in this case.   If any small changes are called for we can work with you on this.  (these are rare situations)

How do I heat the greenhouse?  

Mr. McClure ( 8x10 ), " It really has been fun this winter, the temp was down around Zero last night and the inside of the greenhouse was around 55 degrees with just a 110 volt electric heater set on medium."
Mr.Saltzman ( 8x12 ),"I have put in an electric heater at the far end from the door and it maintains air temperature well.  This morning was 15 F and I went out to the greenhouse to water, it was a cozy 73.  I got my first electric bill since turning on the heat and did not notice anything dramatically different."

Mrs. Thiffault ( 8x12) "We are in the mist of winter and from our kitchen window and dining room windows our greenhouse is fighting the elements of whatever comes our way. Surprisingly with a few days of minus 13 night our roses and geraniums
have survived with no heat .( Andy insulated the base walls this fall). By the way our cat Oland loves to visit and sleep in the greenhouse."

Mr. Silva (10x18) "It is amazing how well the greenhouse holds the heat. The little electric heater runs very little after it gets the greenhouse warmed up.   It has been freezing every night but with the little heater it stays nice and warm."

These clients ordered the twin walled polycarbonate upgrade and insulated the cedar basewalls.
On cooler winter days the sun will warm your greenhouse significantly.  Cedar maintains the temp for long periods of ime. Many of our clients use small electric heater which they find adequate to ward of the chill in the evenings..  If you plan to run gas lines and a small furnace to your greenhouse, we suggest that you contact your local heating contractor.  He is the expert who will both install and warranty your furnace/heater for you.   Cedar is the warmest most insulative wood in existence.
What is timber frame construction?
Our 3 ply (2x10 and two  2x6) ridge beam when coupled with 4x4 posts creates a backbone which stands up to any extreme element.   As solid as a rock, our kits are located all over the US in earth-quake, hurricane, and high snow load zones.   Additional mid posts in any structure over 12'-0" long are used for structural integrity and high snow load locations.  See these photos for examples of our beautiful solid internal structures on the longer beam spans.

Our greenhouses are designed by a professional award winning designer with over 35 years experience in structural design. 

We have been in the professional structural design business for over 35 years. 
 We know design!
Our products speak for themselves.
The best ad is a quality product.

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What are the advantages of your Canadian Coastal Clear Western Red Cedar.
Our cedar is world renowned for it's longetivity. and beauty.  Cedar contains natural oils which render it resistant to decay and insects.   Cedar building materials have the highest insulation value.  We use only  highest grade clear ( knot-free )kiln-dried Canadian Coastal Cedar.
Yes- our timber frame greenhouse designs handle extreme snow loads.  
Pictured is a 12'x22' in Northern Quebec, Canada in winter 2017 & summer 2018.