Advantages of  3mm Clear Rigid Plexi-Glass: 

- Crystal clear viewing both in and out of your Cedar-Built Greenhouse!   

-10 times stronger than glass!  Provides greater safety than glass because of breakage resistance. (Storms, hail, snow loads etc.)  Used in many outdoor applications including airplanes, baseballs stadiums.  The perfect material for outdoor use.  Rocks and baseballs bounce off of this space aged material.

-LIFETIME  manufacturers warranty against yellowing or breakage.

-UV protected 

-Withstands exposure to hot summer sun and extreme winter cold. 

-Lightweight and very easy to work with.   Easily installed by the home owner rather than a professional glass installer.

-Cleans easily with mild soap and water. 

-The perfect alternative to standard glass.
Clear Single Walled Plexi-glass:
Noted below are some of the advantages of the clear, rigid unbreakable 3mm plexi-glass.

Our glazing is professionally pre-cut with state-of-the-art technical equipment directly from our supplier. 
All cuts are exact and precise according to our spec sheets. 
"I have the clear plexi-glass sidewalls which I love.  I wanted a beautiful and functional GH that was also practical for my family. I have two boys that like to use the backyard to play sports and I didn't want a GH that they had to fear damaging from a stray ball, etc. We have had many wiffle balls and baseballs hit my GH and it was never damaged. I look forward to many happy years using my greenhouse."  Sheila, Manchester, NH   8x12 Free-Standing Cedar-Built

Sheila's 8x12 with clear plexi-glass
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