Heather's Amazing 14'x26'
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Located in Anchorage, Alaska this is one of our larger "GO GREEN" models.   Included was 16mm triple walled polycarbonate, insulated basewalls, double Dutch doors in our eave wall door design.    Double Dutch windows on both gable ends, automatic roof vents, additional eave basewall vents, and a vast array of perimeter and center island soil benches.  
Carefully packaged in 17 manageable custom crates for it's barge trip from Seattle to Anchorage.
Assembly begins!   Sturdy post & beam construction for heavy wind and snow loads.
Nine custom prefab cedar soil benches were supplied for Heather's indoor garden.  Four double & two automatic triple roof vents centered on ridge beam.
7'-6" side walls to accommodate doors and door framing.
"I'm happy to be a reference. It's brought me SO much happiness. I hooked up a little speaker there, and I play music and enjoy my plants. My husband says that I radiate happiness when I come inside. :) So thank you for being a part of making my life more beautiful. Truly. ...

I should note that all of the master gardeners who toured our garden LOVED LOVED LOVED the greenhouse. They loved how beautiful it is, they loved the cedar smell, they loved the hammocks I hung (I have a tween who loves to come hang out in the hammock while I'm puttering down there--turns out we get a good Wifi signal in the greenhouse), and they loved what the greenhouse allows me to grow in our climate."
Heather, Anchorage.

This is Heather's 2nd greenhouse.   Linked here is her original one- https://cedarbuilt.homestead.com/ALASKA10X16GOGREEN.html   She moved a few years after building it - having the space (and dreams) to work with us on designing this new ultimate greenhouse.

30" deep soil benches in foreground and to right- with 18" deep soil benches in background- prior to lining with landscape cloth & filling with soil.  These were customized to integrate into interior support posts.
Amazing Alaskan summer and plant growth!