"This is the 4x6 pressure treated foundation. There is four inches of gravel underneath the timbers and then four more inches of gravel to bring  everything up to level." 
"Next we stood all the walls in their correct positions and started to screw them to the posts. Making sure each was oriented in the right direction."
"We made sure the posts were plumb before attaching them to the walls. Before screwing the walls to the foundation we measured the diagonals to make sure the walls were square. (this step is explained in the instructions)
 We then put one screw down through each stud space and into the sill." 

"The window sills and mullions went on next. I couldn't believe everything fit together so well. All the cuts were precise and the directions were pretty clear."
"The eve rail went up across the front next, and then the ledger beam. I enlisted the help of Tommy, my son-in-law, for this job. Its the only thing that I wasn't able to place by myself. The gable rafters and two-ply beam went up next. Things were really starting to take shape. The self-tapping wood screws make quick work of attaching all the parts. No need to drill any pilot holes."

"The purlin was next and then the rest of the rafters." 
(Our purlin and ledger beam are slotted for the rafters to be easily placed in).
"We were very pleased with the day's results." 
Assembly of a Cedar-Built Lean-To 
Special thanks to  Fred Steele of Lancaster South Carolina for your clear step by step photos and comments.  You have done a superb job on your  8x12 Lean-To greenhouse.  
We wish you many years of happy gardening!
Finished product on a sunny day.

 This Cedar-Built Lean-To is glazed with twin walled polycarbonate roof and side walls.  It has one double roof vent.  Pictured above is the rear window.  The Dutch Door is on the opposite end.

Of building the greenhouse 
Fred says,
"All in all it was a good experience and we would do it again."

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