Reduce your heat loss significantly by ordering your 30" cedar basewalls insulated.  

We can insulate the interior of your cedar framed basewalls with high density 3" Styrofoam insulation (R 12).  As well we can  provide pre-cut  tongue & groove cedar siding & trim for finishing the interior.  This t&g  cedar siding matches the exterior basewalls.

Western Red Cedar is the most insulating wood available..  

"We are in the midst of winter and our greenhouse is fighting the elements of whatever comes our way. Surprisingly with a few nights of minus 13, our roses and geraniums  have survived with no heat!!  . Andy insulated the base walls this fall." Marilyn Thiffault  (8x12 Free-Standing.) Nova Scotia, Canada (Atlantic East Coast)
Shows R-12 high density Styrofoam board insulation preinstalled for you.
(white board insulation in interior of basewall frame).
We can supply pre-cut interior cedar siding and trim with the pre-installed insulation for finishing of the interior of your greenhouse.
Net solar gain and energy savings:

"I was very pleased we ordered the insulation. I have purchased a small electric oil filled radiator style heater.  It has kept the greenhouse at a constant 45-50 degrees during the night when the temperature has fell into the mid twenties.  

During the day the outside temperature can be in the high 30s and low 40s &  the greenhouse temperature will reach the high 50s with the heater turned off & into the mid-60s if the sun is out. I believe on many warmer days when the sun is shining, we will realize a net solar heat gain (and energy savings) by opening the doors from the interior of our home into the greenhouse-solarium space.
Thanks for your excellent product and good service! "

Dom, Dunkirk, MD.
6' x 14' Lean-To
(clear Plexiglas sidewalls/ 6mm polycarbonate roof.

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