Dormer Style Greenhouses
Available in any freestanding greenhouse size, our popular dormer greenhouses can be attached to your existing home, garage or barn.We can customize heights in order to work with your door openings.​ Contact us for pricing and recommendations on sizing.
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"Thought I would send a couple of pictures to show you that the greenhouse is already providing us with so much!  We are eating tomatoes, peppers, basils, mints, cresses etc., etc. , and I am starting the fall crops in it.  
Thanks so much for making all this gardening pleasure!  
8'x12' Dormer with
Dutch Door, plexiglass sides
6'x8' Dormer with 
Dutch door- polycarbonate roof and sides
8'x12' Dormer 
12' x 12' with 18" basewalls.
All sides elevated by 18" for 7'-6" side walls.
Clear plexiglass sides   
This dormer was built on a deck to elevate to gain entry into the master bedroom.

Very beautiful 10x10 - please click on above pic for more great images.
12 x10 with Portico porch extension