8'x12' with 2' gable extension 
Located in Wa State, Karla's 8x12 greenhouse includes:

-2' gable extension with cedar arches
-combination 18" & 30" basewalls
-clear plexiglass sides
-Dutch door
-Double Dutch windows
-automatic roof vents
-variety of 18" & 30" soil benches
-variety single & double shelf benches

This style is fast becoming one of our most popular greenhouse kits-  unique, quaint and the feature of any yard.  The 14' continuous beam allows for two triple roof vents (centered on beam) and a generous 2' overhang which is unique, practical and simply beautiful.

Karla says" We absolutely love this and would be happy to show it off. As soon as I get home this is where I go!!"

18" deep soil benches on side with 18" basewalls.  30" deep soil benches on opposite side. (taken during construction)
The combination of 18" & 30" basewalls allows for variety of height plants - Karla also included double shelves for storage.   What a lovely place to hang out.  Thanks Karla and Ted.