-"The foundation was built in a yard that had a 10 inch drop from one corner to the opposite, diagonal corner.  Therefore I built an exterior box frame, 2 inch - by -12 inch, to hold the gravel and the inner 4 inch - by - 6 inch footing.

- We have gophers pretty bad here in Santa Barbara, so I lined the bottom of the box frame with a double layer of chicken wire.  On that I placed landscape cloth to hold down the weeds.  Then the 6 inches to 10 inches of gravel depending on the grade.  On top of that I placed another layer of landscape cloth and then approximately 2 inches of sand.  Finally placing in 12 inch square red stepping stones for the floor.

-We also wanted power inside the greenhouse, so I buried an electrical conduit under the foundation prior to gravel and sand."
Preparing a sturdy foundation:
The Assembly Process:
Customer's Details:
"Since we will have animals housed inside, I made custom screen doors and windows so that we can keep the doors and windows open for better air circulation.   I also made custom manual roof vent openers, with three postions; closed, open 1 1/2 inches or open 3 inches. Again these are screened.
The kit went together very well. It looks great and we have had great reviews from our neighbors." 
Located in Santa Barbara, Ca John O'Brien tells us, 
"We actually built the green house to house our three new kittens, plus some plants." 
John and his crew did a super job on both the foundation and finishing touches of the "Tea-House" greenhouse kit. 
Optional upgrades ordered were Dutch Door, Dutch Window (shown above) and L-Shaped benches.  
Congratulations on a job well done!
"The crew takes a break."
"Cheers to our new house!"
The O'Brien's Beautiful 6'-4" x 10' Cedar-Built "Tea House."
Rescued by the Resqcats Clinic, where Marsha volunteers, these 3 sweet felines found a welcome spot in the O-Brien family, which also includes a dog, a Love Bird, and some tropical fish.
Jasmine (2 years old)
Jasmine's kitten Darjeeling
He is 2 1/2 months old.
Earl Grey
He is 6 wks old from a different litter.

The Rescued Tea Cat Family 
in their new house:
Resqcats, a non-profit sanctuary dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of abandoned cats and kittens. 150-200 cats & kittens are placed  in good homes every year.
What a happy ending for Jasmine and her kitten Darjeeling as well as Earl Grey.   

Thanks for sharing this great story and photos John.